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Fast Track for November 2022

Shrines of gaiety by Atkinson, Kate.jfif

Set in the roaring twenties, this dazzling novel recreates the glamorous yet irredeemably sleazy Soho of the times. At its heart is the indomitable Nellie Coles, a matriarch determined to advance her six children – whatever it takes.

The Bullet that Missed by Richard Osman.jfif

The third instalment of the Thursday Murder Club series sees the intrepid quartet of elderly sleuths seeking the perpetrator of two murders, ten years apart – while also trying to shield Elizabeth from the deadly ramifications of a case from her past. 

Bleeding Heart Yard by Elly Griffiths.jfif

A murder from her schooldays comes back to haunt DS Cassie Fitzgerald when she attends a school reunion and another former pupil, MP Garfield Rice, is found dead, supposedly from a drug’s overdose. But conflicted Cassie is not convinced.

Lucy by the Sea by Elizabeth Strout.jfif

The third instalment of Strout’s ‘Lucy’ trilogy (Oh William! Was recently on the 2022 Booker Prize shortlist). In this compelling novel, Lucy is uprooted from her life in New York City and reluctantly goes into lockdown with her ex-husband William in a house on the coast of Maine.

A Heart Full of Headstones by Ian Rankin.jfif

In the Latest Rebus novel, the former DI finds himself on trial for a crime which could mean life imprisonment if he is proved guilty. Having taken the law into his own hands once again, the evidence is stacked against him – despite the best efforts of his protegee DI Siobhan Clarke.

Old Rage by Sheilas Hancock.jfif

Following her acclaimed appearance at this October’s Yeovil Literary Festival, one of our best loved actors shows that one’s eighties is not a decade to sit back and let the world pass you by. Despite its ups and downs, despite illness, despite rage – she still finds there are many reasons for joy. Life enhancing!

No Plan B by Lee and Andrew Child.jfif

The latest Jack Reacher novel has our hero witnessing what appears to be a suicide. But Reacher is not convinced, and he soon discovers a dark conspiracy, with powerful people on the take, and only he can bring them to justice. There is no Plan B!

Picture Yiu Dead by Peter James.jfif

A car-boot find of what appears to be a drab portrait might be something all too valuable – a missing 18th Century masterpiece. It is a collector’s dream item, and DS Roy Grace finds that someone will take any steps necessary to acquire it.

Landlines by Raynor Winn.jfif

Raynor Winn’s husband Moth remains seriously ill, so the couple set out on another amazing trek – this time following the two hundred miles of the Cape Wrath Trail through the remotest parts of Scotland. Here Raynor chronicles their walk and the strangers, friends, wilderness and wildlife they encounter on the way.

Molly and the Captain by Anthony Quinn.jfif

A celebrated artist in the Georgian era paints his two young daughters at the family home in Bath. The portrait, Molly and the Captain, becomes instantly famous – and its impact has a profound effect on the family and subsequently two other painters – two hundred years apart. A gripping story of time and art and love.

Otherlands by Thomas Halliday.jfif

An epic journey into deep time, showing us the Earth as it used to exist. In Waterstones Non-Fiction Book of the Year, palaeontologist Thomas Halliday gives a mesmerising account of eras that are normally unimaginably distant.

Bourneville by Jonathan Coe.jfif

A novel which takes us through the past seventy-five years and four generations of one Birmingham family. One of our most popular novelists has given us a page-turning story for our times – moving, funny and thought-provoking.

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